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A Little Introduction is in order.

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Hi! My name is Guillaume and I founded Ma Lumière in May 2019.

It started in 2010

As you can tell, my name isn't really common and that's because I was not born in the UK. I am originally from Normandy in France and I moved to Manchester on August 30th 2010.

I first moved to the UK when I was 18 years old as au-pair (live in childminder) and my original plan was to stay for one year and go back home to study. However, like my plans in life, they rapidly changed: As I fell in love with this city straight away, I decided to stay a second year.

At the end of my second year, I felt like I hadn't had enough, and by that point, I decided to get my first flat and job. I started working in a contact centre as a French Customer Service Advisor for an online broker and worked my way up to becoming a Learning & Brand Specialist.

In the mean time, I also discover a love for the Zumba® Fitness program. I started taking classes regularly as a participant and decided to become an Instructor in December 2011. Since then, I have taught hundreds of classes and I have loved every minute of it!

Did I mention that "Guillaume" was the French equivalent of William?

Picture taken in April 2017 whilst visiting the small village of Hersonissos in Crete

How it all started

Now, to the main part: Ma Lumière

I have always loved candles and one day I realised that I ran out. I also love crafty things so I thought I would give candle making a go. I did some research online on how to make candles and I ordered everything I needed.

My first ever candles

As you can see, my first candles turned out great. Well, that's what I thought... Until I realised that I got the wrong wax:

I used Pillar wax, which is used to make pillar candles and not container candles. When I tilted the candles upside down, they fell out of their containers.

I went back to doing more research and I realised that there was so many waxes to choose from, so many fragrances to choose from, so many wicks to choose from and so on.

After months of testing, I finally was happy with my 6 initial products.

Ma Lumière was born: I introduced 3 initial Fragrances (Black Orchid, Paradise Beach and Pink Fizz & Pomelo) in a candle, reed diffuser, room spray, wax melt, hand wash and hand & body lotion version.

The original Black Orchid Family

I was (and still am) extremely proud of what I created and I shared it straight away with the World. My friends and family became extremely supportive by being the first ones to purchase my products and I can't thank them enough for that. I created my social media channels (Instagram & Facebook) and my website, and off I went...

After a while, I realised that it would take way more to spread the word, so I started attending artisan markets (which I will talk about more in details in another blog) and visiting offices where I set up my stall for employees to shop on their lunch break. I went through the madness of Christmas and then 2020 came. I guess this is a good point to finish on and you will have to come back for part II...

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