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  • What are the benefits of a Candle Party?
    A candle party will bring you the full experience of our products. On top of meeting up with your friends and have a great time, you will get to try and smell our products. Each fragrance is completely different and unique to everyone. This will give you a realistic view of what to expect and you will be able to purchase your products straight away, without waiting for your products to arrive through the post or pay for shipping fee! We will also introduce Candle Party deals only to help you save money on our products by offering different bundles.
  • How do I decide on a date for my Candle Party?
    There is no right or wrong date, this will entirely depend on you and your friends availability. We would recommend either an evening during the week or at the weekend. A candle party usually last between 2 to 3 hours. Once you have applied on the website, we will get in touch with you to work out the best date for you.
  • Where do I need to live to be able to host a Candle Party?
    As we are based in Manchester, we are able to travel to anyone living in the Greater Manchester area ONLY. However, we are on the look for representatives throughout the UK and will advise accordingly once we have found the best people to represent our brand.
  • Will we get to see all the products that you offer?
    In theory, the answer is YES. However we are planning on releasing a new fragrance each month, which means that this might be physically impossible for us to bring everything all the time. We would advise you, as a host, to have a look at the website before the Candle Party and let us know if you are interested by any specific products. If during the party you'd like a product that's not available straight away, you will be able to order it through the website.
  • My friends can't make my Candle Party. Can they shop online?
    YES! We will provide you with a unique promocode to you as a host before the party that you will be able to share with your friends. If your friends order through the website before the Candle Party and enter your promocode, this will remove the shipping fee and we will bring their products to the Candle Party so they can collect them from you later. All the amount spent online with your promocode will count towards your final sale amount as a host, meaning you'll get a bigger discount towards your products.
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